At 50+ Job Site our mission is to get the mature & experienced segment of the population back into

Our population is ageing. People are living longer, healthier lives and these people want to continue working full time or part-time. They want to carry on being part of a busy vibrant society. Mature staff are reliable, responsible, punctual and very rarely off sick. They have ‘old-school’ values. And the can relate to people of all ages. These are the staff to seriously consider.

Applicants will have the chance to display their experience on their profile page, detailing their responsibilities and achievements in each position. They will also have the chance to uniquely showcase themselves, as each applicant is required to have a short 30 second video of themselves.
This allows employers to get an even better perception of a candidate before inviting them for an interview.

Employers will have their own profile page where they can detail out their company’s core details & location, as well as it’s product / service & it’s mission statement. Employers will be able to filter applicants profiles based on the industry they’re recruiting for, as well as a few other key details that determine an applicant’s viability for a position.